Who Are We?

The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network is dedicated to developing the next generation of progressive leaders by promoting and implementing their ideas for change. It has 10,000 students and young professionals at 100+ chapters on college campus’s across the country. The Campus Network is part of the Roosevelt Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to carrying forward the values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. For more information visit us on   Facebook, The Link, or www.rooseveltcampusnetwork.org

TriBeta is an honor society for exemplary students of the biological sciences, with 553 chapters nationwide. The club gives students the chance to gather and network with other students and professors with similar academic interests. The Chi Nu chapter of Tri-Beta is devoted to advancement of scientific knowledge through student research, community service and teaching. For more information see www.tri-beta.org.

The recently established Wheaton Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities (WIIH) enables students to take learning achieved in the classroom and apply it to real world situations. Each year, a team of two professors co-directs the Institute by developing a cutting-edge theme and designing activities that explore it. Conferences, art exhibitions, performances, film series, panels, and lectures bring distinguished guests from New England and beyond to present innovative scholarship and work. The WIIH brings together scholarship, activities, coursework, faculty, students, and alums in exciting and interconnected ways. Their motto, “Liberal Arts Expertise for a Changing World” embodies their goal of bridging the different disciplines a Liberal Arts college provides in an exciting, nuanced way. For more information on WIIH, please visit wheatoncollege.edu/wiih.